Antje Géczy

The Service

Antje’s creative process often starts with her searching for an inspirational stone, a magnificent pearl, an unusual opal, an amazing amethyst – which then serves as the focus of her creation. She plays with this central piece – often constructing dozens of waxes and drawings to help develop her designs with a fashion edge but a reassuringly timeless appeal.

Her graceful and flowing lines, exquisite detailing and effortless style can all be traced back to her upbringing and to her keen sense of aesthetics. It is the sum of the best in traditional skills and technological advancement. Lightness in materials and tweaked proportions as well as clean lines and unfussy functionality also allude to the creator’s origins.

Antje’s collection is the expression of design that is created to perform and last in a very fluid and linear way. Produced in London and Melbourne where Antje Geczy is now based.